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The Online Manga Artists and Lovers
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They're (hopefully) original, funny and great for a time out, and I love 'em! Join if you're an online manga artist yourself, or if you just like 'em and want some place to talk about them! Pimp your site here if you want, I really don't mind as its an open membership, but be nice! Or I might have to ban you! I care for my memebers... *^_^*


1: Pimping is allowed. Pimp all you want but please, if you are posting an image either thumbnail it or place it behind an lj cut (the command for this is: <lj-cut text="insert your title here">). This is to speed some people's (like my own) loading time up.
2: No member-bashing or flaming. If someone joins and I find you laughing at their work then I will smite you off the face of the planet.
3: If you've made icons or wallpaper, skins, that kind of thing from your own or other people's manga then you are welcome to post them up here (as long as you have permission of the original artist!). Fan-site links to online manga are allowed too.
4: Just added this one so it only recently applies. I'd like it if you rate your pictures in an entry. You know, blood, boobies, things that an under 13 should not be seeing. Makes things easier.

contact angrylogic if you have any queries!
Created 03 March '03