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My exorcist manga [16 Sep 2012|06:42pm]

Writing a manga and looking for artists.

Manga Idea [19 Jan 2012|12:37am]

Hey all,
I'm a writer that writes lots of different stories from comics, mangas and novels.I've got lots of story ideas and I was hoping I could find some wonderful artists to create them into some real life comics.
My plan is either to put them on a site caleld capsulecomputers.com.au that I have some connections with and we would put the comic/manga in it's own section to advertise it to the thousands of viewers that come to the site. The other plan is make the comic great and al then send it out to every comic publisher we know:D

Anyway I have LOTS of story ideas
If you're interested in the least check them out: auraredwood.livejournal.com/tag/story idea :D
and I hope someone would like to go on this little journey with me :P

-Aura Redwood

p.s. I edited this post so if the comments don't make sense....that's why :P

「tROLL gAME」 [25 Sep 2009|04:32am]


Trevor Downs is not a murderer but he killed a girl.
Trevor is mysteriously invited to a competition where the contestants must troll the general public for points.
The one with the most points after a one month period wins $10 million.

UPDATE: Vampire Fetish [18 Aug 2009|03:51pm]



Jude Hawthorne is...not so good at writing.
Rejection after rejection stamps him as a world-class failure.

However, he's unexpectedly gifted in the timeless art of flirtation and seduction. It sure comes in handy for his other profession...

Join Jude, amateur novelist/professional vampire hunter, as he shamelessly ensnares the creatures of the night!


PREVIEWCollapse )

Shamless Ad: Vampire Fetish [05 Aug 2009|08:46am]

WARNING: Behind the link lies teh crack.

I would appreciate a visit. :D I don't know much about advertising efficienctly.

Sailor Moon Comic Strips [23 Jun 2009|08:02pm]



Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you all, my doujinshi dedicated to SAILOR MOON: MoonSticks

MoonSticks is a series of yonkoma manga (4 frame comic strips) made purely to bring a smile to your face :) This is a must see for Sailor Moon fans! MoonSticks is updated every Friday (Sydney time) =)


GGG's 8th Installment is here! [02 May 2009|02:08pm]


Kami - Go, Green, Go 8
by ~Atelier-Kamishibai on deviantART

The open participation project has reached its awesome 8th episode. This one is a blockbuster, I'm very proud of the work everyone has been doing on the art and writing. Hopefully more people will participate.

If you'd like to be a guest writer or guest artist please feel free to drop us a line!

Манга24 [16 Mar 2009|03:12pm]


«Если вы искали мангу на русском, то вы попали куда надо! Здесь вы найдете русские переводы манги, которые выходила или выходят в настоящее время в фан-клубах этой самой манги. Вся наша коллекция доступна для чтения онлайн, поэтому вам не нужно тратить время и нервы, скачивая главы, вы можете читать мангу в любое время и в любом месте!»

Website [19 Feb 2009|05:03am]

Hello, everyone. My name is Taylor, and though I'm just getting off the ground, I wanted to pass on the link to my website. I have several webmangas in the making, and hopefully I'll find time to get a good start on them. I am currently seeking affiliates or neighbors to link. :)


Since pimping is allowed... [19 Feb 2009|06:54pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I decided it might be a good chance to pimp out a community I co-mod with isadorathegreat.

What community, you ask? fancomiccentral~! A doujinshi/fancomic listing.

It relates to online manga since we have many listings done in manga style. Feel free to join/watch, folks!


Kingdom Noire Primus Tome [24 Jan 2009|05:05pm]


Kami - Kingdom Noire: PT
by *Atelier-Kamishibai on deviantART

The first part of this epic fantasy kamishibai story is available for downloading now. Check it ^^

"Go, Green, Go!" 7 is here (x-posted) [03 Dec 2008|09:47am]


Kami - Go, Green, Go 7
by *Atelier-Kamishibai on deviantART

This is an open project. If you have a character you'd like to take part in the episodes or if you want to WRITE an episode then just leave a comment either here or on the DA page. ^^

New Episode of "Artificial Eden"! (x-posted) [25 Nov 2008|09:27am]


Kami-Artificial Eden 6
by *Atelier-Kamishibai on deviantART

Chapter 7 ends [11 Oct 2008|10:11pm]


Last Chance TBH Chapter 7

Last Chance The Beast Hunter was updated friday with two new pages. One is the final page of chapter 7 After the Fall and the other is the cover to the next chapter, The Drow Princess. Expect to see the return of Last and a real explanation of what a beast hunter is next week.

MTV's True Life is now casting for "I'm a Fanboy" [21 Aug 2008|11:14am]

 Sorry for the cross-posting on livejournal communities, but we're just trying to get the word out about our new episode of True Life: I'm a Fanboy (or Girl)!


Are you obsessed with comic books, anime, fantasy, or manga? Do you like to dress up as your favorite character and attend conventions with other fans? Have you ever waited in line overnight for a book, movie, or videogame release? Do you have tattoos depicting your favorite brand or characters? Have you ever missed work, school, or other important events to engage in role-playing or cosplay? Are you misunderstood by your family or significant other because of it? Have you ever been told to “grow up” by someone important to you? If you’re an obsessed fanboy (or girl), MTV wants to hear from you.


If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28 and identify with any of the above, MTV wants to hear your story. Email us at fanboy@mtvn.com. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number, and a recent photo.


P E A R [13 Aug 2008|10:18pm]


I drew a 5 page manga for a competition last month, but I didn't win, so I'm free to upload it now! *A*!!
Hop over to my website to read it! (It's under the manga section of course!)

It's not as great as I'll like it to be~ really rushed and the storyline isn't all that great~
Please don't laugh at it T3T;; I'm still a rookie! But I'm happy I finished it, even though it was last minute!

( R A N D O M :: The way the main character, Riley /Reap, holds his pen is the way I do so too! *__*;; )

Please no harsh criticism! T^T;;

The Sixth installment of "Go, Green, Go!" is here. [11 Aug 2008|12:32am]


Kami - Go, Green, Go 6
by *Atelier-Kamishibai on deviantART

New Episode of "Go, Green, Go!" is Out [08 Jul 2008|02:02am]


Pimp: community for comics/manga artists [05 Jul 2008|03:51pm]

Hey aspiring manga artists!

I started a community for people who want to work along with the 15-week curriculum in Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, a how-to comics textbook recently published by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden.

Anyone is invited to join! It's called nomads_ink - here's the Intro post. We'll be doing weekly homework assignments from the book, but it should be pretty fun. Please feel free to spread the word. No, I'm not affiliated with the publishers or authors. ;)

[16 Jun 2008|10:10am]

Hey hey... I'm trying to bring back my old webcomic from the day back onto my site, and have decided that the Design Meme script, though awesome, is not for me and doesn't suit my needs.

Can anyone reccommend a good script for use with a comic? Something where I can have all my links (first, back, next, last) on the top AND bottom, and maybe one of those cool drop down menus, and image navigation as an option? I've seen them everywhere, and while I know a lot of the bigger sites probably paid a code monkey to custom do theirs, us poor artists have to get them from somewhere.

Also, I'd rather not have to use SQL if at all possible. I can do it, just that it's a bitch to fix if I have to move my site, etc etc.

Thanks for any help you might give!
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